Frequently Asked Questions

What is Say Namaste?
Say Namaste is a secure, private & encrypted 1:1 and multi-party text, voice and video conferencing solution.

Who has developed Say Namaste?
Say Namaste
video conferencing app has been developed by Inscripts India Private Limited. Inscripts is a software product development company specialising in real time communication software established in 2009. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

What platforms is it available on?
Say Namaste
is currently available on Desktop/Laptop using the Google Chrome browser and on Android Phones and iOS Phones using the app. You can download the Android app here: and the iOS app here:

Can this be downloaded as an app from Android or iOS App store?
Android app can be downloaded here:
iOS app can be downloaded here:

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Is it safe and secure to use?
Communication on Say Namaste video conferencing app is encrypted. The company behind Say Namaste - Inscripts, is ISO 9001:2015 certified as well as GDPR compliant. All the data transmission is undertaken through servers located in India only.

Has Say Namaste been covered by any media outlets?
Yes! Please check out our coverage on CNN-NEWS18, Hindustan Times, Republic TV Press, Indian Express and many others! Some links here:

What is the official Twitter handle?
Please follow us on @SayNamasteVideo

Can I see your Privacy Policy & Terms of Use?
Please scroll to the bottom of this page to view the policies.

How do I set mic/camera permissions in Chrome? I denied it by mistake.

Please visit Google Chrome's official support website at

Why is it not connecting/echoing?
We are working hard to fix all the issues and to ensure that any teething issues are resolved soon. If you face issues, please fill our feedback form.

Is there an option for screensharing?
Yes! Screensharing is currently available if you access Say Namaste via desktop/laptop on your Google Chrome browser. Mobile users can currently view the screenshare but they cannot initiate it.

How many users can join the video conference?
We have currently tested for upto 50 users. We will be adding support for upto 100 users soon.

When was Say Namaste/ launched?
The beta launch was done on 17th April 2020.

Is there a call/video recording facility?
We do not store any conversations or videos on our servers. This decision has been made to ensure your privacy is respected and the security of your video conferences is ensured.

Can I use this for commercial purposes?
We are rapidly developing a version to cater to the needs of SMBs and large enterprises as well as those in the government/public sector. Please fill the form given below if you wish to learn more.